Group Benefits

How do I save money?

Negotiating lower prices can be time consuming and labor intensive for independent hospitals. With our group, you save your time and benefit immediately from our already negotiated lowered costs. Our member hospitals have access to exclusive partnership agreements with proprietary contract pricing across several expense categories. These programs are delivering siginifcant savings across all categories with top tiered suppliers and products.


How does the group work?

You pay a membership fee of $65 per month to have access to all of the exclusive partnership agreements and pricing. VPG does not distribute products. You will continue to purchase directly from the vendors as you have done in the past. The only difference will be the lowered pricing you receive as a VPG member.

You are not required to participate in all of the partnership programs, but the more you take advantage of these opportunities, the stronger our group becomes. Once you join our group, we inform the vendors for you and your lowered pricing will be switched over to your account.


Why should I join?

Increased Profit With Little Investment

Many owners and veterinarians struggle to find the time to analyze each expense category rigorously within their hospital. Also, as a single independent hospital, you may not be offered the best pricing available. By joining VPG, you can eliminate both obstacles and spend your time working on growing your practice while we help you improve your bottom line.

Drive Profit in Our Profession

By collaborating with our group and participating in most of our vendor pricing programs, you will strengthen our alliance of hospitals and improve profitability for all of our members as well as yourself.

Achieve Savings Without Altering Your Protocols

Our partnership agreements are with the vendors and service providers you currently do business with; just at a lower price. You are not mandated to alter your medical or hospital protocols or product choices as a member. There is no formulary within our group. You can choose which programs to participate in or not.

Increased Vendor Support

In addition to better pricing, member hospitals will have access to additional sales and marketing tools from their manufacturers to help drive increased compliance and top line growth.

No Risk

Our group's annual membership comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If you do not feel you benefit from our group, you can opt out of the agreement within the first 90 days.


"Being part of VPG has been a wonderful boon to my practice. Not only have we saved significant money with companies we were already doing business with, but we have also learned about other companies and products we would not otherwise have known about. Thanks, VPG!"

Anne Del Borgo
DVM, owner of Sunray Animal Clinic in Brunswick, Maine

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