Hospital Testimonials

"...I noticed a significant savings immediately starting with soft goods (candy items). At that time, we were working with MWI, and changing to Henry Schein was a positive move. Then we started using the Staples Advantage for our office supplies. More savings… Then on to Antech you will notice your most used lab test will get significant discounting and you have control over this."

"At my current practice we are using Henry Schein, Royal Canin, Merck, Bayer, Hills, Vetoquinol, Antech, Companion Laser, Staples, Mirion, Transworld, and Demandforce. When looking for a service, I always check the VPG website or binder to see if any of their partners can fill the need of our hospital. The staff with VPG is wonderful to work with. I could not be more pleased to be partnered with VPG."

Jeanne Adams, Practice Manager, Companion Pet Clinic

"Being part of VPG has been a wonderful boon to my practice. Not only have we saved significant money with companies we were already doing business with, but we have also learned about other companies and products we would not otherwise have known about. Thanks, VPG!"

Anne Del Borgo, DVM and Owner at Sunray Animal Clinic in Brunswick, Maine


VPG has a wide range of partner companies that allow me to save money in almost all aspects of my veterinary business both directly and indirectly. I have been able to save money directly from companies that I had already used their products as well those that provide a new service to my business. The few instances they did not directly save money, they did so indirectly by being a bargaining base. The amount I have saved from one quarter of VPG membership has more than paid for the year membership fee and the rest will just go to improving my bottom line. If I can do this as an already tightly run single doctor small practice, I am sure that almost anyone else can as well.

Terence S. McSweeny, DVM at All Creatures Small Animal Hospital


"It has been nearly a year since we joined VPG. I just want to say we are very happy we did...some amazing work and have saved us a lot of money making us able to keep price increases to a minimum. I also wanted to let you know what a nice job you did on the Binder. It was exactly what I had hoped if not better. We are very happy customers."

Jim Alpin, Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic, PC


"I am extremely happy to see that independent veterinarians can have access to the same lowered pricing that the big corporations already obtain. VPG has saved tens of thousands of dollars and increased my margins dramatically." 

Dr. Glenn Grey, Muddy Creek Animal Hospital


"We are very proud to say we were "charter members" of VPG. Over the past year, we have saved thousands of dollars as a result of the contracts with Securos, Bayer, Antech, Med Waste Disposal, Royal Canin, Sogeval, Abaxis, and Staples just to name a few. We will soon realize a savings in our utilities expense for both our gas and electric service." 

Pat Morgenroth, Practice Manager at Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod


"Not only have we received better pricing...but they have shopped our sharps disposal, electric utility bill, payroll, a great deal with Antech lab work etc... It's almost like having an extra hospital manager. Actually it's better because they do the bidding and comparisons and save us money and arrange the contracts. I wish we had done this years ago...I've met both partners and have been impressed." 

Dr. Frank Marchell, Piscataqua Animal Hospital


"VPG has delivered savings to my hospital across many of my expense categories. As a VPG member, I do not have to overstock my hospital with products and supplies to realize better pricing. The power of group purchasing does it for me. VPG's program is simple and requires little work on my part to start saving. There is no reason not to join this group."

Diane Tower, Owner, CVPM at Andover Animal Hospital

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